Today, I had a couple of ladies over for breakfast.  So, I set my table according to the cute gingerbread house my daughter made over Thanksgiving.  I love the way silver, white, and blues go together. They have such a dreamy feel to them, dont you think? Extra ornaments help to fill up spaces, such as on the white platter. And a sprinkling of snow, helps to add a little bit of fun-even though the sun is shining outside.

This year my goal was to “keep it simple”.  I really just wanted to enhance my rooms, without overwhelming them with too much color and “stuff”.

I purchased a tan ribbon for all of the wreaths.  Really simple.

I also purchased some burlap at Walmart and just cut out a runner for the table.  There was no need to sew any seams.  Just keeping it rustic.

My husband picked up 3 fresh wreaths from HomeDepot for $5 each.  I thought that was a good bargain, and they make the kitchen smell oh so fresh!

Again, keeping it simple, the only thing I added to our hood, is a wreath with a Tan Ribbon.  My family really likes the way our home turned out. I actually left so many of my ornaments of the past, in boxes.  Ive never done that before!  But we moved into our home this summer, and I was repeatedly feeling, that the time had come to simplify a bit.