Today is just the perfect day for a warm cup of comfort.  It has been so gray, dreary, wet and cold here that  I made 2 soups.  One is a French Onion, and the other is a Tuscan White Bean Soup.


This soup makes everyone in my family very happy!!  Even our 9 year old just loves it.


The toasty home-made croutons and cheesy, string gooeyness is just wonderful!!  Here’s my Recipe:

French Onion Soup-Serves 6

8 thinly sliced onions

3 T Butter

3 T Olive Oil

8 cups of rich Beef Broth ( I make mine at home-it just seems richer)

1/2 Cup White Wine- I used Chardonnay

1/8 Cup Sherry or Cognac

Salt & Pepper

1 baguette sliced into rounds, and oven toasted (top with butter first)

gruyere cheese grated

Saute the onions in the Butter and Olive Oil for approximately 45 minutesover a low heat, stirring occasionally. They will begin to carmelize, and this is what will give a good rich flavor, so be patient!

Add the broth, white wine, and Sherry.  Add the Salt and Pepper to taste. And allow to cook over med-low heat for an hour.

Now it’s time to pour into individual ovenproof cups. I place the cups over a lipped cookie sheet, to catch any spills. Add the toasty piece of baguette slices, then top with grated cheese generously.  Turn on the broiler, and place soup cups into the oven.  This will take just a few minutes, so don’t walk away -once the cheese melts, and the bread gets crunchy, and brown, remove from oven and serve.

Happy Eating!!