cupcake 2

Yesterday, my daughter felt very creative, put on her apron, tied up her hair, and decided to bake some cupcakes. She made a homemade White Cake Recipe, that she had used to make my birthday cake, last year.

cupcake 6

When it came time to decorate, she recruited our 9 year old son to  help as well. I absolutely love to see our kids working together, and really enjoying their time together. So, you can see their very artistic skills above.  🙂

cupcake 5

They were decorated with a homemade buttercream soft pink frosting, and then sprinkled with pearls and silvery sprinkles. We love the White Cake Recipe, that we found in Souther Living Dec 2012 magazine.  The Recipe is on page 133, entitled ” Mrs. Billett’s White Cake.”

Taylor & Dylan's Cupcakes

Taylor & Dylan’s Cupcakes

Sometimes, a cake box mix if fine……BUT, other days, a Homemade White Cake Recipe, just can’t be beat !!  Delicious!  Thank you Taylor & Dylan-

The Cupcakes are sooooo perfect!!