Cookie Hearts & Sparkling Pink Lemonade

Valentine’s Day is certainly in the air, and I always think it’s a nice time to just take in all of the pretty displays all over town. It seems like everyone gets in on the Valentine’s mood, in one way or another.


I decided to make up a Valentine’s Cookie Tray with Sparkling Pink Lemonade.  My daughter & I both decorated the cookies with icing & pearls. I found these heart-shaped marshmallows at the store yesterday.

I was also inspired to make a soft green cookies, just a bit out of the ordinary. I love my little Angel. He travels around my house alot!!



I’ve kind of been in a Pastel Green Mood lately… will understand once I show you my Laundry Room, that I’ve been working on, and POSTPONING all of my pictures.  But, that’s another story…..  🙂


Do you have any Valentine Traditions in your home?Let me know in the comment link below.  We kind of play it by ear every year. But we always do a sit down dinner at home for our kids. I can’t remember ever going out to dinner on Valentine’s Day since we had kids, but I really love it that way!!