My Sister, has such a knack for such pretty things. She always finds the most thoughtful gifts! Like this really pretty Parisian Dish Towel, which I think is almost too pretty to use. And, she always has such a beautiful way of presenting the gift, like with this tag, ribbon, and the” jewery like” looking magnets, with beautiful details and stones!!

paris towel

paris towel -crown only

Here’s a close up of it…..

paris hand towel # 2

And unfolded,-(sorry I didn’t iron it)…..but it’s so pretty nonethelss, isn’t it???

Now look at these beautiful MAGNET crosses-just like a piece of jewelry, Non? Belle!!

crosses blue & white

I already placed them on my refrigerator!! Anyway, I think her gifts and wrappings are always so terrific!!

And, she also sent this Rock Candy to our son,- Look how pretty it is!!! I personally have never seen these colors in Rock Candy, so, I had to photograph them. Again, I love how she thinks and tries to find very original things!! She is very Magnifique!!

rock candy # 1

amour et de baisers, (love & kisses)