My kitchen and a Chocolate Cheesecake

It’s been a while, since I’ve posted any pics of my kitchen.  I forgot that I had taken these a few months back. So here are a couple of them. Most of my kitchen is white/off white, with lots of tones of aqua, and pastel turquoise colors.

cheesecake -kitchen

cheesecake-mirror with angel

This is just a picture of my favorite mirror in our house.

That's my beautiful boy in the background!!

That’s my beautiful boy in the background!!  And a chocolate Cheesecake I made!!

chocolate cheesecake

And a closer look at the Cheesecake.  It was Yummy!!!!

So, what are your weekend plans?



My “French” Cabinet

Last Fall, I found this  Cabinet on Craigslist. Oh, how I wish I had a “before” picture to show you!! It was very dark brown wood, with glass front doors and very, very smelly!!  Of course, I had other plans for it!! I really wanted it to look kind of “Frenchy”. At first, I actually painted it blue! But it looked awful, to be honest. The blue was just the wrong blue!  So, in the end, I decided that I just can’t go wrong with a creamy color, so I painted it again!! And here is the result…….

french cabinet # 1

Once I removed all the glass front off of the doors, I purchased chicken wire, and stapled it. I then painted over the wire with the same paint.

french cabinet closed with blue candle

Here’s a close up of the chicken wire “doors”, that were glass, once upon a time!!  I left  most everything white/off white, with the exception of the lovely blue-jeweled candle, that my sister gave me.  I love it!! Actually, she had given me one as a gift, and it had broken! I almost cried- I HATED to tell her what had happened. But, just like the loving sister that she is, she “replaced” it, with one that she had purchased for herself. I hated to take it from her, but she insisted that I  take it and to this day, I guard it with my life practically. !!! Someday, Im going to find her a similar one for her  home, because she L O V E S Blue!!!

It kind of breaks up all of the white.

french cabinet left side opened up

And here above, is a pic when the doors are opened.  I even placed a little chandelier over my pedestal plate. Sometimes, I plug it into the wall for “Ambiance”. I purchased those French script cans for my silverware at Marshall’s.

french cabinet right side closed up

Here’s a close up of the other side.  Again, I kept it pretty neutral. You know, one of these days I just know I’m going to begin adding more color!! But for now, I really love neutrals.

french cabinet right side opened up

Here it is again, with the doors open. The light green pedestal plates are newer, but they remind me of the green depression glass.

french cabinet heart close up

And I love hanging little fun pieces over the front like this Heart.  Unfortunately, last week, the other heart on the other side of the cabinet broke!!  I was “heart broken” !!!! And no pun intended!!!

So, I just wanted to share with you that with a little effort, creativity, and time, you can transform any piece into quite a genuine piece too.!!



Our Favorite Calif Burger !! In-N- Out

in & out hamburgers onlyIt’s no secret that so many Southern Californians pick InN-Out as their favorite burger! It certainly is in our Family!!

When we were visiting last week, we had to go twice, to get our fill!!

in & out red tile palm trees

Every In-N-Out has Palm Trees as their Logo. Although, each In-N- out may look a little different.

in & out Taylor

Our daughter looking pretty happy!  They even make a Lettuce Wrapped Burger, instead of the Bun.

in n out Dylan

When we got back home ( our son didnt go on our trip) we brought him back this In-N-Out hat!!  We are all Fans!!!!!

If you live outside California, have you ever had the wonderful opportunity to have an In-N-Out Burger?



Paris Hand Towel

My Sister, has such a knack for such pretty things. She always finds the most thoughtful gifts! Like this really pretty Parisian Dish Towel, which I think is almost too pretty to use. And, she always has such a beautiful way of presenting the gift, like with this tag, ribbon, and the” jewery like” looking magnets, with beautiful details and stones!!

paris towel

paris towel -crown only

Here’s a close up of it…..

paris hand towel # 2

And unfolded,-(sorry I didn’t iron it)…..but it’s so pretty nonethelss, isn’t it???

Now look at these beautiful MAGNET crosses-just like a piece of jewelry, Non? Belle!!

crosses blue & white

I already placed them on my refrigerator!! Anyway, I think her gifts and wrappings are always so terrific!!

And, she also sent this Rock Candy to our son,- Look how pretty it is!!! I personally have never seen these colors in Rock Candy, so, I had to photograph them. Again, I love how she thinks and tries to find very original things!! She is very Magnifique!!

rock candy # 1

amour et de baisers, (love & kisses)


Angel and Blue Vignette

angel and soap

Happy Friday everyone!!  Here is a little Vignette I just set up. My beautiful sister Maggie, gave me the lovely soap and lotion. They are from Willilams Sonoma. They go perfectly with my house colors. I have had my angel for a few years, and the picture frame too. I hope you all have a wonderful Weekend!!



Beachy Blue Cupcakes

beach cupcakes

We are officially welcoming Summer into our Home!!  Although we do not live near a beach, ( I miss California !) the blue colors make me think of the Beaches. Which, by the way, we will be traveling in a couple of weeks to Orange County, to get our fix!

Yesterday, my son, and our guest Sabrina, helped to decorate these lovely blue cupcakes. And- they are gluten Free!! Still very yummy!!

What are YOU doing to get your Summer Started?

Joshua 1:8 – This book of the law shall not depart out of thy mouth; but thou shalt meditate therein day and night, that thou mayest observe to do according to all that is written therein: for then thou shalt make thy way prosperous, and then thou shalt have good success.



Love is in the Air


Happy Valentines Day Everyone !! I really didn’t think I was going to be able to post anything today. I know it’s a lovely holiday, but tomorrow is our son’s 10th birthday ! Because it’s a “big” birthday for him, I am spending most of the day making little surprises for him, and planning his day. So, here is just a little bit of my dinner table “quickie” decorations for our dinner this evening. It’s simple, but I gotta go put another cake in the oven for my little guy!!

Last night, our older son came home with the Lavender Tulips and a Valentine Card for me. I still cry whenever I read cards from my children. I love those moments where they express their love !! So, today I pulled my dishes that compliment those Lavender Tulips, and as you can see below, there is a little touch of Lavender in these dishes.


Here I quickly put together the beginning of tonight’s place setting.


Okay, I gotta run now and concentrate on a Birthday Party. Sending out Love to Everyone!!


Greater Love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.

John 15:13



A Little Valentine’s Inspiration

Cookie Hearts & Sparkling Pink Lemonade

Valentine’s Day is certainly in the air, and I always think it’s a nice time to just take in all of the pretty displays all over town. It seems like everyone gets in on the Valentine’s mood, in one way or another.


I decided to make up a Valentine’s Cookie Tray with Sparkling Pink Lemonade.  My daughter & I both decorated the cookies with icing & pearls. I found these heart-shaped marshmallows at the store yesterday.

I was also inspired to make a soft green cookies, just a bit out of the ordinary. I love my little Angel. He travels around my house alot!!



I’ve kind of been in a Pastel Green Mood lately… will understand once I show you my Laundry Room, that I’ve been working on, and POSTPONING all of my pictures.  But, that’s another story…..  🙂


Do you have any Valentine Traditions in your home?Let me know in the comment link below.  We kind of play it by ear every year. But we always do a sit down dinner at home for our kids. I can’t remember ever going out to dinner on Valentine’s Day since we had kids, but I really love it that way!!




Sweet Pink Cupcakes

cupcake 2

Yesterday, my daughter felt very creative, put on her apron, tied up her hair, and decided to bake some cupcakes. She made a homemade White Cake Recipe, that she had used to make my birthday cake, last year.

cupcake 6

When it came time to decorate, she recruited our 9 year old son to  help as well. I absolutely love to see our kids working together, and really enjoying their time together. So, you can see their very artistic skills above.  🙂

cupcake 5

They were decorated with a homemade buttercream soft pink frosting, and then sprinkled with pearls and silvery sprinkles. We love the White Cake Recipe, that we found in Souther Living Dec 2012 magazine.  The Recipe is on page 133, entitled ” Mrs. Billett’s White Cake.”

Taylor & Dylan's Cupcakes

Taylor & Dylan’s Cupcakes

Sometimes, a cake box mix if fine……BUT, other days, a Homemade White Cake Recipe, just can’t be beat !!  Delicious!  Thank you Taylor & Dylan-

The Cupcakes are sooooo perfect!!